Improved Witcher 3 showed itself in the first take. In addition to better graphics, a number of new functions will also be added.

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Already 14 December A new version of The Witcher 3 is coming for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. If you have one of the older versions, you can get the upgrade for free. In yesterday’s post, the developers shared a few things we can expect in addition to the improved graphics.

It was his first turn photo mode. The ability to take beautiful photos and edit them in any way directly in-game has become very popular in the last generation. CD Projekt saw how gamers tapped into the potential of the photo mode in Cyberpunk 2077, so including it in The Witcher 3’s next-gen update was a no-brainer. They immediately announced that a competition is waiting for us, where the best pictures will be awarded.

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You can find the new one in settings. alternative camera modes. You can choose whether the camera is just behind Geralt as you drive through the landscape, or you can look at the entire view from afar. You can adjust the camera individually while riding, walking and fighting. How you combine fashion is up to you. Or you can leave everything as it was originally. CD Projekt also states that in other cases it is up to you to use the new functionality or not.

Many of you are probably wondering how it will turn out. on consoles with graphics settings. As in the competition, in The Witcher 3 fashion quality and performance. The first option includes ray tracing, higher quality reflections, and turning on lighting. The game will run in dynamic 4k resolution at 30 FPS. Performance then means a drop in graphics quality, but you’ll still be playing at 60 FPS with a dynamic resolution. But you will still see the differences compared to the original version. However, the creators point out that the next-gen update is not aimed at turning the third Witcher into a completely new game, so you can’t expect sweeping changes.

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Among other good news, for example quick casting sign without having to change them via circular selection. Simply combine two different buttons and send the one that suits you. You will also be able to use new ones while playing. filters on the mapIn this way, you do not have to drown in all these question marks.

In the original game, you can leave the UI open or hide it completely. Now there will be a new alternative. With this, the interface will appear for a few seconds after pressing the focus button and then disappear again. Regarding the user interface, it’s also a nice innovation option to enlarge subtitles. Afterwards, minor things such as interrupting the videos or fixing some problematic tasks were mentioned.

It finally came New Witcher-related content from Netflix. will depend on it new quest. You can look forward to new weapons and swords. However, Marigold also gets a new twist. Similar to Yennefer or Triss, you will be able to change her alternate appearance as you see fit. And finally, the confirmation of support for the joint procedure came. Thus, you can transfer your registered positions between different platforms..

If you’re playing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Switch, there’s no need to fret. New functionality will also go to older versions. However, CD Projekt has yet to reveal the date we should expect them on these platforms. December 14th is therefore only available for PC, PS5 and XSX.

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