Epic Games Store, Unveiled the New Free Games (December 1-8)

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Epic Games Store today unlocked the new free PC games reserved for subscribers of its online store and at the same time presented the games that will take their place in the coming week. All you have to do is register with an account on the shopping website of the creators of Fortnite, an account that is also free of course, and this guarantees huge popularity despite the PC user’s fondness for Valve’s Steam. So let’s see what awaits fans today and next Thursday.

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Free today on the Epic Games Store –

Free games unlocked today can be claimed for an entire week and until next Thursday at 5pm, but once redeemed here they will remain in your libraries on the Epic Games Store client.

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Here are the titles you can redeem starting today (and from this page):

  • Star Wars squadrons

From today, December 1, it is therefore up to Star Wars Squadrons, a gaming experience based on first-person multiplayer stellar combat, set (complete with a canonical story) after The Return of the Jedi. The title from Motive Studios and Electronic Arts takes over from Dark Deity and Evil Dead: The Game, and is a rare case of the game being offered individually as part of the Epic giveaway and not in pairs (or triples) with other Products. From next week, so from December 1 to 8 of the same month, it’s the turn of Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box. The first is “a strategy game that combines XCOM’s turn-based combat system with HOMM’s exploration component,” while the second is “an accessible creation tool for creating games and other interactive experiences in an easy and fun way.”

Free games aren’t just for PC —

Epic Games Store is only on PC, so those playing on PlayStation or Xbox consoles might feel a bit left out of the initiative. To the apart from Prime Gaming, always intended for the PC and reserved for Amazon Prime subscribers, it must be said that you can still enjoy the new November arrivals on PlayStation Plus Essential for PS4 and PS5, and on Game Pass for PC platforms, cloud (i.e. from smartphones and tablets) and Xbox consoles of the last two generations. The essential difference from Epic is that while this giveaway is completely free, the others require you to sign up for a subscription service with a monthly fee.

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