University Master, The secrets of our casters: “We explain how to win”

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Countdown to the beginning of University Mastersthe amateur esports championship for college students – hosted by 2Look and from The Sports Newspaper – with up for grabs 7,500 euros in scholarships for the winners. After the success of the past two editions, the University Master Winter 2022 – sponsored by Sky Wifi – broadens his horizons, among others more than 10 Italian universities. The catchment area is also expanding: this year the University Master will be a title tournament where you can compete against each other eFootball, Rocket League and Clash Royale.

Word to the casters

The University Master’s Winter Calendar is full of activities and a busy program from the training phases onwards. From November 21, the experts of the 3 video games will be in charge live streams to teach tricks and give advice to participants on their channels. THE commentators of the new edition there are 6, 2 for each video game broadcast. For eFootball I am Daniele Perrone (alias S-balboa7) and Alfonso Mereu (alias Alonsograyfox); for Rocket League Michele Zuddas (aka ZtanTV) and Giulio Pedicini (alias Gladiator); for Clash Royale Andrea Piazzese (alias Place) and Luigi Puccianti (alias GigiYT). “The Clash Royale training was certainly helpful to evaluate the current balance of the cards – explains GigiYT – With the latest update came 2 new cards, monk and phoenix, that literally turned the game upside down. Even though… they are already a bit in balance!”. “The training will mainly consist of explaining the best positions to take during the game and the advantages that can be obtained in this way: it will also be used to set up excellent sensibilities and commands that will help the player help to have more dexterity on the machine – he said ZtanTv -. I will play games explaining the best gaming strategies I applyor”. Alonsograyfox and S-balboa7 said that “our training will be based on the coaching sessions we usually conduct: we will work on the technical, tactical and mental aspects. By analyzing the players’ style and way of playing, it is possible to evaluate the best formation and strategy so that everyone can perform at their best.. We will help you make the right decisions at the right time and evaluate your game based on a number of factors, such as: team line-up, match time and result. Another fundamental aspect we will focus on are the breaks which, unlike football in real life, allow you to stop more calmly, breathe and resume the game without being conditioned by your state of mind”.


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The qualifying rounds will take place from 6 to 21 December (2 rounds for each game for a total of 6 rounds broadcast live), broadcast on the 2Watch Twitch channel. These challenges determine the 12 students who will compete during the final on January 11planned in the Samsung District in Milan in the presence of social guests.

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Source: Gazzetta It

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