Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022, the biggest edition ever

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Milan Games Week & Cartoomics is a unique event that is growing exponentially and constantly evolving. In addition to an increasingly rich and exciting program, it will occupy four pavilions of Fiera Milano Rho for the first time. The date circled in red on the calendar is Friday, November 25, for a show that runs through Sunday, November 27. The Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, therefore becomes the epicenter of entertainment in all its forms. Waiting for the crowd of adults and children driven by their geek and nerd passions is a crowd of special guests, video games, comics, board games, exhibitions, contests and tournaments never seen before. Including the debut of the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology with an exclusive Martian meteorite fragment.


However, let’s proceed in order. Competitive gaming will once again play a prominent role at the Milan event. Indeed, the Esportshow pavilion will host the best national tournaments with the now famous leagues on League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League and Fortnite signed by Pg Esports, the number one tournament organizer in Italy. The main stage, on the other hand, will be home to truly exceptional international guests such as actor and voice actor Troy Baker, gaming industry icon Andrea Pessino, renowned composer Austin Wintory, Ed Westwick and Tom Hopper, face of cult series such as Umbrella Academy, Game of Thrones and Black sails.


Of course, as usual, Milan Games Week & Cartoomics will bring numerous creators to the center stage. From giants like Favij and MikeShowSha to more irreverent characters like Simone Panetti, Naska, Homyatol, Moonryde and Masseo. As for entertainment, room for Dario Moccia with his Pub dell’Amico. Historic format from the well-known Tuscan content creator, which will involve Valerio Lundini, comedian and television host, on opening night.


Meanwhile, the beating heart of Milan Games Week will be Pavilion 12, renamed Electric Town. The clear reference to the well-known Tokyo district is quite obvious. Unsurprisingly, the major publishers of comics, manga, and graphic novels will be peeping here, as well as the most important card, role-playing, and board games ever. The undisputed protagonist will be the legendary Humberto Ramos, with him many other notable artists such as Zerocalcare, Dado, Pera Toons, Violetta Rocks, Elisabetta Cifone, Fumeddy, Bigio, Virginia Salucci, Mihai Rotari, Luca Berlati, Corrado Roi, Paolo Barbieri and many Lake.


Two exhibitions are also scheduled to mark the 60th anniversary of two sacred monsters of the global comics universe: Diabolik and Spider-Man. The first issue of Diabolik: The King of Terror dates back to November 1962. No other installment has attracted so much interest from artists and writers. For the occasion, Milan Games Week & Cartoomics, in collaboration with Astorina, will retrace the mystical history of Number 1 with an exhibition. Original tables of the different versions will be on display, an overview of the different editions – including the rarest and most sought after -after ones – and a collection of tributes from the most prestigious authors. Finally, to pay tribute to Spider-Man, there will be an exhibition titled “1962-2022: Happy Birthday Spidey” in collaboration with Wow Spazio Fumetto – Comics Museum of Milan.

Source : Corriere Dello Sport

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