Free or discounted games: Steam Autumn Sale and Star Wars: Squadrons are free

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Occasionally there will be a discount event on all gaming platforms. That’s why we pick the most attractive ones every week that you shouldn’t miss. If you want to get the games for free or at a good discount, check out the current deals overview!

GOG – Black Friday and Narita Boy Free

Black Friday is supposed to be this Friday, although some stores are going their own way, and so does the offer on the digital distribution of games. An event with over 4000 items has started on GOG. Even before the discounts we have a free giveaway here. You can activate the Narita Boy story platform. Unlike the event itself, this offer is valid only until this afternoon.

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An enhanced version of The Third Witcher is coming soon, making it an ideal choice for first-time players at a discount. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition ($10) Includes a complete experience with two major expansions that will extend gameplay by several tens of hours. On December 14 you will receive various improvements in terms of graphics and gameplay for free.

If you like chatty adventure games then v Disco Elysium ($10) You will solve it. You will try to solve the case of the man who was hanged as a detective who forgot what he was actually investigating due to a difficult night and did not even know his own name. All this in a gloomy, cynical world where you can’t trust anyone. RPG elements also play a role here, so you can find new possibilities in conversations or alternative progression paths.

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And this time we do not forget the Czech representation. medieval Let your dominion come You can have the V Royal Edition ($12), which means you don’t need to buy any extras. An unofficial Czech dubbing is also in preparation, which probably won’t be released this year, but it’s better for the writers to work on it.

Source: Doupe

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