eFootball: what the new Coppa Italia is and how it works

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Konami has just announced on stage at Milan Games Week the launch of a new eSports tournament for eFootball 2023: the eFootball Italia Cup. This new competition will take place in Italy and will see the integration of eFootball partner clubs, players from their academies, key professional players and most importantly fans.

What is the eFootball Italia Cup?

The eFootball Italia Cup is new sporting opportunity for Konami to try out the competitive soccer simulation. During the tournament, three different players join forces to form a team and represent each of the participating clubs. These are: a player selected by the youth team of the club, a professional player who is currently part of the club’s esports team and a fan of the club selected from an online qualifier.

This unique squad of elite players and amateurs, along with the youth roster, represents a unique fusion unlike anything else in the current soccer simulation esports landscape. Participating is i seven eFootball partner clubs based in Italy: AC Milan, AC Monza, AS Roma, Atalanta BC, FC Internazionale Milano, SS Lazio and SSC Napoli.

How the eFootball Italia Cup works

Before the seven clubs compete for the title of champions of the “eFootball Italia Cup”, there are the selections of the three representatives. First, each club organizes an internal esports tournament between its own players youth sectors to determine one of the representatives. This tournament will be accompanied by a seminar by the Konami eFootball Activations team that will provide an overview of the ever-changing world of esports and video games. Then an internal tournament will start for each club in between their respective pro players to determine who will represent them on the team.

Finally, eFootball will hold an online in-game tournament for all Italian players called “KONAMICI”: the first Italy-only event within eFootball 2023. Players can register to compete online and the tournament will run for a total of two weeks. You don’t have to be an eFootball veteran to participate, and no previous experience is required. Every fan can register online and select the team you want to represent.

From here, players play a minimum of 30 matches online against other fans of the selected club, earning points match after match. The online leaderboard determines the best representatives. The best players from each club then progress to the knockout stage, which is also played online. The winner of each club then completes the squad, along with the winner of the youth academy and the professional player.

Together they will represent their club in the eFootball Italia Cup. Every winner of KONAMICS not only will he be able to represent his club in an internationally televised esport tournament, but he will also be able to gain unique experiences and receive exclusive prizes both from KONAMI and the represented club. KONAMICI only takes place on Playstation4 and Playstation5 and is free to play.

The dates and calendar of the eFootball Italia Cup

Qualifications and selections for the clubs’ representative teams and the resulting tournament take place in stages between December 2022 and April 2023. The qualification phase of KONAMICI will start in February so that all fans can qualify for the finals. The knockout finals will end at the end of March 2023.

Once the teams of three players who will represent the clubs are confirmed, an offline group stage will begin where the clubs will compete to determine their position in their respective groups. This stage is broadcast by the studio of eFootball Italy Cup. This stage affects the knockout draw during the Grand Final weekend in April.

Finally, when the rankings in the various groups have been determined, the clubs are drawn for the quarter-finals. From here starts a knockout tournament with two semi-finals, a play-off for third place (between the two clubs that will lose their respective semi-finals) and a grand final. The Grand Final weekend will be an offline and live event hosted on Naples ComicCon on the weekend of April 22-23.

The winning club will receive the grand prize, which will include a multimedia eFootball gaming center that will be implemented in their youth academy training complex. The official eFootball YouTube channel will be available throughout the tournament and football television, an episodic series shot at the eFootball Italia Cup studio. These broadcasts include league highlights and analysis, player interviews, appearances by players and legends from partner clubs, and an exclusive behind-the-scenes look that gives fans an all-round insight into eFootball and the eFootball Italia Cup.

Source : Corriere Dello Sport

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