Blizzard releases video with the gameplay of Ramattra New hero will arrive in Overwatch 2 on December 6 11/26/2022 19:48 update 11/26/22 21:01 comments

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Credits: Disclosure/Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment presented this Saturday (26) the first trailer containing the game details of Ramattra, a new hero coming to Overwatch 2. Despite being previously announced by the company, the game’s new character had yet to be fully revealed to all gamers of the title.

You will have to wait until December 6th to be able to use it in matches to try to beat your opponents.

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Omnic like Zenyatta, Ramattra comes to Overwatch 2 as the leader of the Null Sector group and an ally of the Talon terrorists. Players will be able to combine many different playstyles during matches as they transition between Omnic and Nemesis forms. This will allow for two distinct forms of mourning.

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That’s because Omnic’s main form was designed by Blizzard so that it can be a ranged combat specialist. Meanwhile, the Nemesis form makes it useful for players who prefer to melee their opponents. In this second form, it increases significantly in size.

Arrival is scheduled for next month.

Although he was introduced this Saturday, Ramattra will still take some time to be available in Overwatch 2. Blizzard has stated that the character will not arrive in the title until next month. That way, you’ll have to wait until December 6th to be able to use it in matches to try to beat your opponents.

“Following the reveal of Ramattra, the new Overwatch 2 tank coming with Season 2 on December 6, players have been eager to see what it can do. And we’re excited to reveal the first gameplay trailer this Saturday the 26th! November! With his two different forms, Omnic and Nemesis, players will have the flexibility to protect their team, making Ramattra an intimidating addition to the Overwatch 2 hero roster,” said Blizzard.

Ramattra is part of a series of novelties that will be available in Overwatch 2. Last Tuesday (22), the company revealed that the title will receive two login events that will grant free rewards to all players. The event will have a limited duration, it will only be available until the beginning of next month.

This Sunday (27), all Overwatch 2 players who enter the game will be rewarded by Blizzard. Kiriko’s No Vento Intro will be the reward for players who log in between November 27 and December 2. This Hinterim, Blizzard’s title players will receive double experience for matches played between November 24 and 28.

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