Steam breaks record and exceeds 31 million simultaneous users Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was the game with the most active users 11/26/2022 19:19 update 11/26/22 19:37 comments

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Credits: Disclosure/Valve

Steam surpassed the mark of 31 million online players simultaneously connected to the platform and set a new record. The number was registered this Saturday (26), when 31,306,349 users had the company’s application open at the same time. This is not to say, however, that they were playing any game.

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The log counts all users who had the platform open on their computer, and not necessarily with a game running. Among the main reasons that may have helped Steam record the record are the Spring Sale. She is responsible for bringing several successful titles with unbeatable discounts.

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In any case, the brand can be considered quite expressive, mainly because a new album had been recorded a little over a month ago. On October 24, Steam had reached the mark of just over 30 million players online simultaneously, recording the highest number in the entire history of the platform.

Still, it seems that many players took advantage of the promotion launched by Valve to spend some time playing. Also this Saturday, around 9.3 million users registered simultaneously with open games. The number is pretty much the same as the highest record ever recorded on Steam. In February this year, 9.3 million players were playing on the platform.

Record powered by Counter-Strike

The record set by Steam last month was the first time the app had more than 30 million users online at the same time. Since then, this number has been repeated several times and has become more and more frequent. This shows how successful the platform has been with users even with increased competition.

Among the games responsible for this Saturday’s record is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. One of the most classic computer titles managed to register the mark of 1.05 million players online simultaneously. Soon after, Dota 2 appeared, which managed to register 847 thousand. Finally, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 closed the podium with 373 thousand players.

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