4A Games Releases Metro Exodus Development Kit for Free

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Credits: Disclosure/Games 4A

the developer 4A Games announced this Tuesday (24) that it will be make the tools he used during the development of Metro Exodus available to the public for free. According to the company, simply having the game in your collection will be enough to access the SDK, which should make it easier to create mods and other free content.

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The developer explains that the tools it will offer are not simply workarounds that make it easy to create mods. In practice, are the exact same editor that your team members used to create the universe of the game and its Enhanced Edition.

The Exodus SDK grants access to the Metro Exodus scene, model, weather, particle, and terrain editors. Also, players can explore their creations using particle modes, navigation modes, and using a camera editor — also features a Visual Script editor for tweaking action scenes and AI behavior.

SDK is now on Steam and Epic Games Store

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As explained by 4A Games, access to your game development tools is now available to everyone who owns it on Steam or the Epic Games Store. The only restriction imposed for the moment is that the creations made from them cannot have any commercial nature.

The developer also took the opportunity to ensure that it is already working on the future of the franchise. At the same time, she claims that she had to change a lot of her new design in reaction to the war between Russia and Ukrainewhich made her rethink the kind of story Metro should bring.

All of Metro’s themes—conflict, power, politics, tyranny, repression—are now part of our daily life experience. So we’re embracing them and weaving them into a game with a renewed purpose.”, declared the 4A. “Like you, we are looking forward to the day when we can share more information about them. [os projetos do estúdio]. The goals of our projects that we shared in our last update remain the same”.

Metro Exodus reaches 6 million copies sold
Game released in 2019 by 4A Games had two expansions and gained a new version for next-generation consoles in 2021

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Source: DSO Gaming, Gaming Bolt

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