The page of the fake Escape From Tarkov for 1500 rubles hung on Steam for several hours – they even bought the game

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Fake page appeared on Steam today Escape from Tarkov. Under the name of the developers, an attacker posted the title page in the Valve store and copied the description, screenshots and other elements of the shooter.

The attacker sold the game for 1500 rubles. It is noteworthy that someone bought a shooter, but instead got another game – the title turned out to be a simple pixel arcade game. The exact number of people who bought fake Escape from Tarkov unknown. You can check out the game passed off as a shooter below.

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At the moment the title’s page is blocked, but whoever did it clearly managed to make extra money. Battlestate Games did not comment on the situation.

Shooter fans joke that at least this is how they waited for its release on Steam.

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Source : Shazoo

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