See comparison of Forspoken running on PS5 and PC

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Credits: Square Enix

Yesterday (24) we had the launch of abandoned for playstation 5 Y PRAY. The game was developed by light productionsstudy of Square Enix. The channel TheBitsAnalyst He took advantage of the arrival of the title to make a comparison with the editions released for both platforms.

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The edition for ps5 It has three graphics modes: performance, quality, and ray tracing. In the analyzed PC version, a video card was used. Nvidia RTX 4080with graphics quality similar to PS5 quality mode, with better ray-traced shadows.

PS5 Performance mode offers the player a dynamic 1440p resolution with temporal reconstruction. The purpose of this mode is to maintain the 60 FPS rate, but the game cannot maintain this stable rate. Texture quality and draw distance are affected to provide better shadows.

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See the comparison of Forspoken for PS5 and PC

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Quality mode provides the best graphics quality and guarantees an average resolution of 1728p, improvements found in this mode include better textures and draw distance. The frame rate is 40 FPS with support for 120 Hz mode.

Ray tracing mode hits an average resolution of 1512p, and like performance mode, it also has lower quality for textures and draw distance. This mode also runs at 40 FPS at 120 Hz.

The PC edition of the game runs at around 40 FPS, which is quite heavy for a recently released card like the RTX 4080. The game can only go above 60 FPS when using tools like DLSS and FSR. Despite this, PC gamers can achieve faster load times as long as they use high-speed SSDs.

What did you think of the Forspoken comparison? Do you plan to buy the game on any of the platforms? Participate in the comments with your opinion!

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Via: ElAnalistaDeBits

Source: Adren Aline

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