Startup Company Console Edition – Speedrun Review

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Thanks to Hovgaard Games and 2Awesome Studio, we became businessmen for the Speedrun review Startup Company Console Edition. In this particular management software, in fact, you become the CEO of a company that wants to establish itself in the digital market, propose innovative ideas and cross all boundaries. Will our stock take off? Or will we soon be living under the proverbial bridge?

Does Startup Company Have a Conspiracy?

The short answer to the question posed by the title of the paragraph is no. Startup Company launches players into a new company, but lets them choose between some basic options. After deciding whether to play in career mode or free mode, we are asked to choose the kind of business we want to set up.

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This is where the clichés of the web find their space: we can create a social network, a software house or an information site. Whatever our choice, the gameplay doesn’t change except for minor details. Startup Company’s goal is to create a website and compete against other companiesto establish themselves in the market. For this it is necessary to purchase offices and furniture and of course to hire more and more employees.

A long initial tutorial allows you to learn the basic mechanics. The Hovgaard Games title starts small, with a compact office and a handful of employees. In addition to our CEO, who is in charge of finding employees, everyone gets their own position. From researcher to designer to chief executive and support officer, everyone will perform a task in the company. The use of translates into the production of resources, useful to improve the site and make users happy.

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Indeed, by selecting an employee (who must have his own desk) it is possible to “produce” or combine a series of basic digital components into advanced components. Each element becomes essential to increase the number of unique visitors and thus make money. If you think it’s easy to get the “+” sign on your income, you’re dead wrong.

Startup Company gameplay

As mentioned earlier, the main goal of Startup Company is to create a well-started site that makes money. To do this, it is necessary to meet the needs of both users, indicated by specific and explanatory smileys, and those of our employees. Just like in a real company, in fact we will have to pamper the employees to ensure that they perform optimally. There are also applications for special permits, which must first be unlocked through research.

Once the production chains and office management are metabolized, the Startup Company turns into a simple waiting manager. In fact, our company, set up in the best possible way, will be able to operate without human intervention. It is therefore enough to fast forward the timer (skipping holidays) to collect resources and continuously improve the site. Unfortunately, works like Two Point Campus are light years ahead of this, which guarantees great interactivity.

After a few hours, Startup Company basically limits itself to forcing the player to passively stare at the screen, waiting for the necessary resources to be generated. However, these are common start incredibly slow (even at maximum speed) and will make it frustrating to improve your business beyond certain thresholds. Even changing the type of startup makes little sense because, as mentioned, there are very few variations on the theme.

Interesting graphics choice, with stylized characters reminiscent of good old Theme Hospital, while the soundtrack and effects are quite forgettable. Note of merit though clicking keyboardsreally fun and compelling. Longevity is also fair: to get a well-oiled business, you need about twenty hours. Too bad the replay value is very low.

Startup Company Platinum

Among the 30 trophies in the Startup Company Console Edition list, there is also a sparkling platinum. However, to get it, you really need to become money machines. In addition to completing a series of basic quests, you must use your skills by researching everything, becoming the number 1 site in each category in a single game, and much more. If you want to demonstrate all your management skills, this is the right opportunity.

Source : PlayStation Bit

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