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Minecraft Legends will be released on April 18 and is already available for pre-order; watch new trailer

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minecraft legends attended the event developer_direct held today (25) and one of the main novelties was the announcement of its release date. The long-awaited action-strategy game from the Minecraft franchise will be released on April 18 for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

There will be two digital editions available, the Standard Edition and the Deluxe Edition. With the announcement of the launch date, pre-orders went up to R$ 147.45 for the most basic version. Game Pass subscribers will be able to enjoy the game at no additional cost upon its release on PC and Xbox.

The main mission in Legends is to save the surface from a Piglin invasion, but it was revealed during Developer_Direct that it will be possible to engage in 4v4 battles against your friends and other opponents. It all happens as the Piglin invasion continues.

Some Minecraft enemies like Skeletons and Zombies are here too but this time they are on your side and you can take advantage of their abilities too.

In PvP the goal is to destroy the enemy base while building your base and strengthening it, the developers themselves claim that protection is just as important as attack. Each battle will feature a different procedurally generated map, so there will never be a repeating world in the player’s adventures.

Watch the new Minecraft Legends trailer

“The corruption of the Nether piglins is spreading across the overworld, burning everything it touches. Will you be the hero to protect this gentle land? Strategize and engage the piglins in epic battles, but beware, they always fight back.” .

Minecraft Legends digital pre-order is now available


  • Legends of Minecraft – R$ 147.45 (Xbox One/Xbox Series)
  • Minecraft Legends Deluxe – R$184.95 (Xbox One/Xbox Series)
  • Minecraft Legends – R$ 158.15 (PC)


  • Minecraft Legends – BRL 147.45
  • Minecraft Legends Deluxe – R$ 184.95

game station

  • Minecraft Legends – BRL 199.50
  • Minecraft Legends Deluxe – R$249.50


  • Minecraft Legends (coming soon)
  • Minecraft Legends Deluxe (coming soon)

What are your expectations for Minecraft Legends? Do you want to pre-order the game? Participate in the comments with your opinion!

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Source: Xbox Wire

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