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The latest drivers from AMD and NVIDIA can cause problems on your PC Installing updates can increase CPU resource consumption or even corrupt Windows 06/03/2023 12:00 Comments

Credits: Disclosure/NVIDIA

While downloading the latest drivers often comes with performance improvements and more security protections, AMD and NVIDIA brought some problems to consumers in their latest software. According to the PC Gamer website, whoever installs the updates provided by them in the last few weeks may see their machine lose performance or even their Windows installation get corrupted.

The NVIDIA case brings the most frequent but less serious consequences. When the 531.18 driver is installed, this can result in 10% more CPU resource usage after quitting a game — the solution at the moment simply involves going back to the previous version of the software, and the company is already working on a final solution.

AMD’s situation is more complicated and affects drivers Adrenaline 23.2.1 and 23.2.2, with the potential to render used machine completely unusable. In this case, the problem is related to Windows and the way it handles its automatic updates, which could end up causing essential files to become corrupted.

AMD drivers can corrupt your Windows installation

As PC World’s Brad Chacos explains, AMD software can cause problems if installed or updated. at the same time that Microsoft system is making updates. In these cases, the used machine may stop working due to problems related to documents essential to the initial startup of Windows.

According to Chacos, the only solution at the moment is to press the power button on the affected machines at the exact moment the operating system logo appears. This would force initialization of your automatic recovery solutions, which is capable of detecting and replacing files that have been damaged — as long as a previous restore point has been set.

AMD claims that it is already working to resolve the issue which, according to its words, affects a very small number of users. While no update is offered, recommends that users pause Windows updates during driver installationand that you do not check the “Factory Reset” option while the process is going on.

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The company is still investigating the cause and should come up with a more robust solution.

Source: PC Gamer

Source: Adren Aline

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