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GTA 6, goodbye to PS4? The latest when Rockstar’s new game comes out


Rockstar Games is hard at work on the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto series and it’s been a long time since the studio has communicated any information about the game. This situation of silence and uncertainty only adds to the series of community-generated rumors that have been circulating around the series – sometimes legit, sometimes less so. The latest rumors coming from the (mostly) well-informed GTA Forums insider Tez2 are among the most credible.

When is GTA 6 coming out? The last –

According to reports from Tez2, Rockstar Games would be aiming for the “Christmas holiday of 2024” for GTA 6’s release date, i.e. the second half of next year. The date is said to have been “postponed several times over the past few years” and “unfortunately, it could slip into early 2025,” mainly due to the office’s return to work policy that would have prompted many, as happened in Activision Blizzard, to leave the development team, causing work on the project is delayed even more. But not all bad news: “with almost the entire workforce in the office, Rockstar could make a more solid announcement this year,” which could lead to the first truly official information about the game and perhaps a trailer.

Goodbye PS4 and Xbox One –

According to the insider, “Management would not be able to delay beyond the 2025/2026 Christmas break”, and indeed would be more inclined to “cut other parts of the game into DLC that will be published later.” […] instead of further delaying the release of GTA 6. A rumor relaunched by another insider, according to which one of the reasons behind the delays would also be the desire to publish the game “only on current generation consoles”, ie PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Saying goodbye to PS4 and Xbox One would mean giving up a significant portion of the user base, so “with the tentative date of 2024 already slated for 2021, it would have been a way to make sure GTA 6 had enough console market to get out and about.” Largely speculation, but still a reasonable framework to expect the next big thing from Rockstar Games to come out.

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