Epic Games Store remembers last year. Distributed nearly 100 games and is launching a self-service game publishing platform

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Epic Games’ digital store has been a fixture in the PC gaming market for the past few years, and that doesn’t look like that will change in the near future. The company has now released a report outlining 2022 and shedding light on what awaits us in the future.

The Epic Games Store has over 230 million users on PC alone. If players with an Epic account on consoles are added to this, the number rises to: 723 million. Overall for last year gamers spent $820 million on games and microtransactions, about which
2% less than in 2021. We were also talking about free games. In general, you were able to expand your game library by: 99 titles without a single crown. At the same time, their value reaches $2,240. Counting as duplicates, players split over 700 million pieces.

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sounds very interesting launch of self-service game streaming services. They previously worked in closed beta. They will now be available to everyone. It’s a simple way to get new products into the local store. this is how they will be Distributing 88% to 12% profits. But creators can choose to use their own payment solution directly in their work. These tools also Game ratings from ESRB, PEGI, GRAC, USK and ASK at no additional cost. Epic will also assist you in translating the playing card into other languages ​​for free.

Certain requirements will need to be met to go through the whole process, but for now, it seems like the right way to go for the Epic Store to become a haven for underground productions and smaller games that will have a hard time getting through the whole process. their own. conditions, for example the need for cross-play, integrating achievements for multiplayer games, age restriction and creation must also reach a certain quality. Epic still has the option to pull the game from its store if it doesn’t meet the required standards. If you are a creator yourself, be sure to visit the official website for all the details you need.

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Epic also briefly summarized what’s happening in its store this year. It should be one of the main points General improvement in the fluency of using the app. We’re not going to lie, it’s still significantly behind Steam in this regard. Adds more better integration of subscriptions from other companies. In addition to the cards of individual games, there will also be future a space where developers can keep players informed about news, updates and other upcoming changes. And in closing, Epic promises: This year, we will not miss the weekly free game draw.

Source: Epic Games

Source: Doupe

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