The best Capcom Agenda for March. Resident Evil 4 demo, Mega Man collection and more

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Mega Man Battlenet Legacy Collection

Old Mega Man installments on today’s platforms have previously been released in various collections. But the Battle Network series is not a traditional jumper as you might normally recognize this blue hero. You see the environment from an isometric view and the battles take place in an area divided into separate squares. The Legacy Collection includes all 10 volumes.

As with most retro collections, there are many bonuses. These include cards that were previously only available in the Japanese market. If you want to pass the individual levels quickly, you can unlock a new mode that will strengthen Mega Man. However, this upgrade does not work in online matches where you can compare your tactical skills with other players.

Capcom publisher sale

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Discount campaign has started for many games from Capcom on most platforms. For example, almost all episodes of the Resident Evil series are discounted on Steam. This also applies to Ace Lawyer or Monster Hunter, for example. You can also find the event on Xbox or the Nintendo eShop.

street fighter 6

The new installment of this fighting game has already revealed the entire core roster, so we didn’t even expect another playable character to appear. Instead, Capcom announced the addition among commentators. She is Japanese actress Hikaru Takahashi. We will be able to adjust the commentary in any way possible while playing. If you’d like to hear the commentators live, you can try your luck at this year’s Capcom Cup tournament, where the winner will win.
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