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Leak: New STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl Concept Art Revealed


Last Saturday, the administrators of the VK group “Bulletin of “The Same Stalker”” began to upload material on STORER 2. and demanded that the developers localize the game entirely in Russian. They refused, so now new plums began to appear in the group. On March 15, the maintainers promise to immediately upload 10 GB of the content they have, but so far they have only published a few drafts:

Layout of concept art of mutants. They are presented as already known, such as snork, jerboa, pseudo-giant and others, to recycled rats, which were planned for the first game of the series.

Next in line is Agatha, the first woman to appear in the STALKER universe. Appears a few times in the story, most likely added if only it were. The following is the concept of the Rostock factory, as well as a screenshot of the Graveyard of Technology. Bonus part of one of the cutscenes in the game.

It is curious that all comments on the concept art are made in Russian.

Apparently, the admins of the VK group will post content in small chunks until the 15th in hopes of reaching an agreement. If you believe the comments of the admins themselves, then they even have a playable build, which can also get into the network.

Source : Shazoo

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