Horizon Expansion: Forbidden West takes full advantage of the PS5’s power. PlayStation 4 release limited developer

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A new adventure awaits Aloy in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in April. Burning Shores will only be released on PlayStation 5, unlike the base Horizon: Forbidden West. No release is planned for the previous generation. Head of development Mathijs de Jorge admits in a post on the PlayStation Blog that concessions must be made to the base game for the PlayStation 4 release.

But that doesn’t apply to Burning Shores, where the creators mainly wanted to add a lot more detail and vegetation to the game world. In the case of Forbidden West, it was still necessary to take into account that the game could be similarly optimized for PS4. Jorge says processing LA and its surroundings in such detail as in Burning Shores requires significant processing power and fast flow that the older generation simply can’t handle. This is said to apply mainly to passages where the player will fly over the city with one of the mechanical dinosaurs. We should also see significant advances during the action sequences.

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It all throws a pretty bad light on Sony, whose representatives boast that after the arrival of the current generation, releasing games, even for older consoles, does not limit developers in any way. This is complete nonsense and the Guerilla Games team is further proof of that. This year, it will be 3 years since the launch of the PlayStation 5, and I don’t think we’ve seen anything close to everything the console can do. It was time to say goodbye to the previous generation.

Source: Doupe

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