The developer behind Hitman opens a new studio in Istanbul

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Credits: IO Interactive/Reproduction

IO Interactive, the developer responsible for the Hitman game, has opened a new studio in Istanbul, Turkey. According to the developer, the location will be a AAA Game Development Center.

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The new studio is located in the Maslak region, Sariyer, in the city of Istanbul. This is the fourth studio for IO Interactive, which in an official statement said it intends to “establish a AAA game development center in the region and create unique gaming experiences for players around the world.” With around 200 employees, IO interactive is headquartered in Denmark with studios in Spain and Sweden.

The company also said in its statement that the developer team at the center in Istanbul will play an important role in Hitman productions, but also in Project Fantasia and Project 007.

Hitman should stay in the background until Project 007 takes shape

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In addition to Project Fantasia, the name given to the fantasy RPG developed by IO Interactive, the company is focused on creating a AAA game about the world’s most famous spy, 007.

Questioned during an interview with the Eurogamer portal, the studio’s creative head, Christian Elverdam, explained that 007 would come before the next Hitman game. “Currently a great new Hitman game – it’s on a bit of a hiatus while we build another fantasy agent which is also taking up a good chunk of our time.”

However, to reassure fans, Everdam explained that World of Assassination will continue to receive new content and stated that the series’ formula should continue to evolve. And then at a certain point, obviously, like any creative, it would be cool to say ‘well, well, with everything we’ve learned, what would it be like if we redesigned a sandbox? What would that be like? ”

With the opening of the studio in Istanbul, IO Interactive opens the door to the growth of the company, while investing its time in two new projects. It seems that the future of the developer will be, to say the least, interesting and we are looking forward to following his next steps.

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