Friday Cosplay: Spiderman, Bayonetta, Black Cat and Daehya from Genshin Impact

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Friday is the best time for cosplay. Today we have: Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man, authentic Bayonetta, sweet Black Cat and the bonus of the outspoken Daehya from Genshin Impact.


A little sad, but very high quality cosplay of Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sergey Nuzhdov and Kira Mitenkova brought to life the most important moments from the story of Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland.


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This is possibly one of the best Bayonetta cosplay of all time. Excellent workmanship, authentic image and exactly what a provocative witch should be. Excellent work by Nastya Volkova.

Photo: Sasha Mifetis

Black cat

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Recently, cosplays of the Black Cat from the Marvel Universe have become very popular. Perhaps this is because the heroine plays an important role in the DLC for Spider-Man from Insomniac. In any case, Olga Kozhevnikova has a beautiful Felicia Hardy.

Photo: Alexandra Kot


Sweet and frank Daehya from Genshin Impact by Vera Andreeva.

Source : Shazoo

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