The worst characters in video games, from Moneybags to Tommy from The Last of Us

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Great stories and great heroes stay in your mind long after a game is over, but even the worst video game characters leave an indelible mark in their own way. They are often poorly written or have subtle personalities and incredible motivations (in the literal sense of the word); some are generally just horrible people, characters who, while not villains or threats, certainly go out of their way to make life more difficult for the hero of the story.

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These are the worst characters in video game history that we won’t soon forget.

Rich Man – Spyro the Dragon

Long before Tom Nook bought our souls for a loan, there was Rich Man. Moneybags in the original language is a stuffed bear with a monocle who literally holds the secrets of life and death between his paws. After the first Spyro, the purple lizard had to diversify his movements: flying and shooting flames were no longer enough and he had a nasty habit of drowning as soon as he touched the water.

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And here comes Richy, the not-too-friendly bear who would teach Spyro how to swim and other life-saving techniques in exchange for money. With Nook, you can delay loan payments and never force your hand; Rich Guy, on the other hand, won’t even let you progress in the game until you bring him hundreds of gems, and in Spyro 2 he quietly makes deals with the local tyrant, not caring what evil he does. Horrible.

Mr. Sonny Resetti – Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing lets you live a dream life in a city full of animals, but Mr. Sonny Resetti is not too much for this idyll. In fact, he has very strict ideas about how a dream life should work, and his guidelines don’t include erasing your mistakes. In the event that you reset the game or turn off the console without saving – a scenario in itself rather nightmarish – Resetti leaves the house specifically to insult you.

worst video game characters

The latest Animal Crossings have made it more docile, and even in New Horizons, Resetti runs a rescue service in case you accidentally lock yourself in a corner. And that’s okay: everyone deserves a redemption arc. However, those who grew up with the original GameCube will never forget the rodent’s lectures.

Conrad Verner – Mass Effect

Ashley Williams is a horrible racist and Kaidan Alenko is in danger of becoming so boring that everyone around him is dying, but the Mass Effect groupie stalker is a strong contender for the most annoying character award in the entire series. Conrad meets Shep & co. on their first visit to the Citadel, and nothing can dampen their enthusiasm. What could go wrong, the mission on the codex asks you. In fact, things can go horribly wrong: he wants to leave the family and demands that Shepard find him a place in the Specters—as if putting just one human into the organization isn’t hard enough already—and ends up being so annoying that She can politely discourage him or put a gun to his head. Conrad barely knows Shepard, so it’s pretty hard to understand his fixation, too.

worst video game characters

One small narrative detail: meeting him in Mass Effect 2 proves that the Renegade option – or the pointed gun threat – is the canonical one, even for those who chose to be patient. It’s inevitable, in a trilogy with so many storylines and subplots, but it’s also a bit annoying.

Claptrap – Borderlands

Claptrap is the uncle who thinks he’s funny and makes sure everyone hears his jokes at family dinners. But while your uncle eventually goes home, Claptrap stays with you in Borderlands for most of your time. He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, he never stops talking and, worst of all, his humor is predictable.

Being loud and obnoxious is (almost) easier to forgive when you’re actually funny. Which Claptrap isn’t. But apparently that’s not enough to convince Gearbox to get it out of the way – it’s pretty much everywhere except Tiny Tina’s Worderlands. Which, by the way, is considered by many to be the best chapter…

Patches – Elden Ring

Patches is a horrible person with one of the most frustrating quests in Elden Ring. The evil thief ambushes you in a cave and act like a real boss. The natural instinct at the end of the fight is to kill him – this is Elden Ring, after all, the game that wants you to kill everything on screen and beyond. However, losing Patches isn’t just avoiding more trouble afterwards – you’re erasing a whole bunch of commands.

worst video game characters

Like Patches, that quest is also terrible. Patches hides in a dark place on Mount Gelmir and eventually Villa Vulcano, where he suspects things are not as they seem in the eerie cult, before continuing on to Castellombroso. Here he gives you the Dancer’s Castanets to deliver to Tanith. And that’s it. At the Villa, Tanith gets nothing and you get nothing. Unless the Elden Ring DLC ​​adds another episode to the quest, that’s all Patches will do in-game. A horrible person.

The friend in Pokemon X and Y

Pokémon is all about adventure, leaving the comforts of city life behind and heading out to discover what lies beyond the horizon, and nothing says “leaving home to go on an adventure” like some rowdy kids following you around . from France. This is clearly what Game Freak must have been thinking when he made Pokémon X & Y for the Nintendo 3DS. Instead of the usual boyfriend or girlfriend you occasionally meet along the way, there are four kids who show up as soon as you leave a town.

worst video game characters

It could have been a fun twist on the usual formula, as well as wanting some sort of road trip story, but it isn’t. They have such weak personalities and you can’t even help them achieve their goals. And while they highlight new ways to experience the Pokémon world, such as being a Pokémon photographer, as always you’re stuck on the path to gyms.

The King of Hyrule – The Legend of Zelda

No matter the timeline, no matter the kingdom, the King of Hyrule always makes the wrong decision. Invite the evil wizard to the castle? Whenever you want. Befriend the sinister man whose outfit screams “I’m a villain” at first glance? Nothing bad can happen! The king in Wind Waker wreaks havoc on the world by refusing to let go of the past, but the Breath of the Wild version is even worse: he bullies his daughter, disrespects her, and puts unreasonable pressure on her. It takes an age to understand (death) that he may have made a mistake, even if Link is at least ordered to set things right and help his daughter.

worst video game characters

If nothing else, maybe Zelda doesn’t need to sort out her father’s mess in Tears of the Kingdom. Unless the dead come back to life in this version of Hyrule, the King is all but gone.

Tommy – The last of us

Tommy is your classic little brother, and by that we mean he has the ability to be obnoxious that never ceases to amaze us. He holds a grudge against Joel for the life he leads and while this is understandable to some extent – no one wants a killer in the family – he never gives a second thought to what his older brother has been through. With all traces of civilization gone, Joel tried to keep what was left of his family alive and safe.

Time skips a few years and Tommy is suddenly so devoted to Joel that he calms Ellie’s anger and pain, puts her in danger, and then has the nerve to push her even harder enough to ruin their only relationship. . Tommy never thinks about the consequences of his actions on others and causes a lot of pain for no reason as a result.

Infinite – Sonic Forces

Jackal Infinite seems like a good idea on paper. He is a troubled but stoic former mercenary chosen to lead Eggman’s army, sporting a fur coat that resembles a metallic cape. In reality, he’s just a pale imitation of Shadow, with one crucial difference: while Shadow has had quite a game growing as a person – er, hedgehog – and facing his past, Infinite’s character has no time to settle down. develop and ends. be easily defeated by the power of friendship. Not exactly the ending you want to see for such a tough villain.

We stay with Team Shadow, the big-mouthed hedgehog armed to the teeth, thank you.

Nazeem – Skyrim

Nazeem, the snobbish farmer from Roodwacht, really shouldn’t want friends, or at least he doesn’t seem too sorry that everyone hates him. He doesn’t have a good word for anyone, he spends his days strolling the markets and insulting the vendors – and while he’s at it, he insults you too.

The main source of this unmotivated pride? A farm. We’ll admit it, Skyrim is a mess, so having a healthy farm that keeps you from starving or depending on someone is a nice boost. But what kind of person has this privilege and decides it entitles them to treat others as if they were trash? Someone like Nazeem, apparently. He’s a horrible person and even the keys he carries are useless so it’s not even worth wasting time on them.

Written by Josh Broadwell for GLHF

Source: Gazzetta It

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