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Thousands of Destiny fans came to say goodbye to the hero – movie and game actor Lance Reddick died


Actor Lance Reddick passed away on Friday, March 17. He is known for his roles in TV series and movies as well as video games. He played one character for almost 10 years – Commander Zavala in Destiny and Destiny 2. After learning the news, shooter fans went to honor his memory.

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Lance Reddick has over a hundred roles in movies and TV shows, including Fringe, The Wire, Sheldon’s Childhood, John Wick, Oz, and Resident Evil. But he also voiced games – 50 Cent: Blood on Sand, Payday 2, Quantum Break, Horizon Zero Dawn, John Wick Hex, Horizon Forbidden West, Destiny and Destiny 2.

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In particular, Reddick voiced Commander Zavala in the Destiny dilogy, a titan class mentor and Vanguard commander in the Last City. Over the years, Reddick’s work has resonated with Destiny fans. Additionally, Reddick has often interacted with Destiny fans on social media and even played with them over the years.

In honor of Reddick and his contribution to the game, Destiny 2 users gathered to honor the actor’s memory at Zavala Station in the Tower. Thousands paid their respects with varying emotions as soon as the actor’s death became known.

The community has come up with other ways to honor Reddick’s memory. Some players have opted to spice up their armor and weapons with one of the many Vanguard-themed shaders in Destiny 2, while others have opted to sport the “Push Forward” decal, which bears the same symbol as on Zavala’s breastplate.

Destiny developer too published official obituary. “Lance Reddick has been an iconic character on screen, in Destiny and most importantly personally.wrote Studio Bungie. — His love for our community was reflected in Commander Zavala, in his uncompromising dedication to his cause and in his radiant kindness to those around him.”.

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