Starfield Dev says Atomic Heart and High on Life “are the same game”

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That Atomic heart and high in life have in common? For Emil PagliaruloStarfiled Design Director, both titles “are essentially the same game” for presenting similarities such as the many dialoguesInter alia.

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“A Russian, an American. Odd parallels, but having recurring funny discussions with a piece of your team in a first person game is pretty unusual. It’s hard to get it right, you need great dialogue and chemistry. They kicked ass,” said the developer. he tweeted. .

Atomic Heart and High on Life were successful

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Also, another similarity between the games is the success of both in the first few weeks of release. High on Life, for example, achieved the biggest Game Pass launch title. The game is also available on Steam and has an approval rating of 86.80% from over 9,000 player reviews. The Squanch Games title had a peak of 11,608 players on Steam, but the biggest success was in the Game Pass version.

Atomic Heart, which arrived in February, has more than triple the number of concurrent players on Steam (39,469), has slightly lower approval ratings (84.21%), but twice as many player reviews (18,500+).

In High on Life, the player is mute and dialogue is due to the talking weapons and their monologues and conversations with NPCs. In Atomic Heart, the protagonist P-3 maintains constant conversations and discussions with the Artificial Intelligence of his glove. This common feature between the games is something that divides opinions. In private, it was something that made me give up both titles.

Another recent game that tried the same thing but failed, as they say, “miserably”, was Forspoken. Frey, the heroine of the game, talks all the time with her bracelet. This is not the only problem, since it is possible to minimize the participation of the protagonist’s accessory, but boring dialogues and “embarrassment”.

There are already three games with the same mechanics in consecutive months: High on Life launched in December, Forspoken in January, and Atomic Heart in February. If fashion catches on, more games like this should be coming in the future.

And you, do you like this mechanic or do you deactivate it whenever you can? Comment there!

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