NVIDIA Releases Path Tracing SDK v1.0.0 Toolkit Dedicated to Developers to Create Realistic Worlds 03/21/2023 13:30 Comments

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Credits: Image / Reproduction NVIDIA

TO NVIDIA launched, this Monday (20), the Route Tracking SDK v1.0.0, a dedicated toolset for game developers to facilitate the development of ultra-realistic worlds based on ray tracing. The novelty was presented by the company at the game developer conference this year, the GDC 2023.

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Access page for Path Tracing SDK v1.0.0 on GitHub

Download the RTX Route Tracking SDK

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NVIDIA Schedule Page at GDC 2023

Route Tracking SDK

NVIDIA’s idea with the Path Tracing SDK is that this is a starting point for developers to speed up and optimize games. The tools are used to recreate the physics of light sources in a scene, just as they happen in real life.

According to the company, the SDK allows developers to create a path tracer for realistic lighting, as well as allowing the creation of high-quality photo modes for GPUs that support ray tracing or ultra-quality modes that take advantage of theada lovelace architecturepresent in the company’s 40-series graphics cards.

Tools present in the RTX Path Tracing SDK

The features and tools present in the NVIDIA Path Tracing SDK are:

  • DLSS 3 for super resolution and frame generation to improve gaming performance
  • RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI) to efficiently sample large amounts of dynamic highlights and shadows
  • NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers (NDR) for high-performance noise reduction from all light sources
  • Opacity Micromap (OMM) to improve RT performance in scenes with strong alpha effects
  • Shader Execution Reordering (SER) to improve shader scheduling to increase performance

Other recommended features and requirements for using Path are listed on the SDK’s GitHub page.

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