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NVIDIA Releases Path Tracing SDK v1.0.0 Toolkit Dedicated to Developers to Create Realistic Worlds 03/21/2023 13:30 Comments

Credits: Image / Reproduction NVIDIA

TO NVIDIA launched, this Monday (20), the Route Tracking SDK v1.0.0, a dedicated toolset for game developers to facilitate the development of ultra-realistic worlds based on ray tracing. The novelty was presented by the company at the game developer conference this year, the GDC 2023.

Access page for Path Tracing SDK v1.0.0 on GitHub

Download the RTX Route Tracking SDK

NVIDIA Schedule Page at GDC 2023

Route Tracking SDK

NVIDIA’s idea with the Path Tracing SDK is that this is a starting point for developers to speed up and optimize games. The tools are used to recreate the physics of light sources in a scene, just as they happen in real life.

According to the company, the SDK allows developers to create a path tracer for realistic lighting, as well as allowing the creation of high-quality photo modes for GPUs that support ray tracing or ultra-quality modes that take advantage of theada lovelace architecturepresent in the company’s 40-series graphics cards.

Tools present in the RTX Path Tracing SDK

The features and tools present in the NVIDIA Path Tracing SDK are:

  • DLSS 3 for super resolution and frame generation to improve gaming performance
  • RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI) to efficiently sample large amounts of dynamic highlights and shadows
  • NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers (NDR) for high-performance noise reduction from all light sources
  • Opacity Micromap (OMM) to improve RT performance in scenes with strong alpha effects
  • Shader Execution Reordering (SER) to improve shader scheduling to increase performance

Other recommended features and requirements for using Path are listed on the SDK’s GitHub page.

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