10 years is long enough for Sony to create alternatives to Call of Duty, says Microsoft

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A new round of documents on Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard made public by the CMA once again highlights the central role that obligations have for business. According to the Xbox owner, the 10-year contract period offered by her to Sony would be enough for the Japanese company to develop its own alternative to the FPS series.

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The statement came in response to a question about the impact a potential end of access to the series could have on PlayStation consoles. Previously, Sony has stated that without Call of Duty it will be losing access to a significant portion of care and income that none of your first party games are capable of generating.

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Microsoft believes that a 10-year timeframe is sufficient for Sony, as a leading publisher and platform owner, to develop alternatives to Call of Duty.”, said the company that owns Xbox. He also clarified that, in practice, the 10-year contract that he proposed to his rival goes further.as games or DLC released during the period will remain available for the life of the consoles that receive them.

Removing COD from PlayStation makes no sense, Microsoft argues

While it has proposed offering access to Call of Duty to rival platforms for a decade, Microsoft has already indicated that it intends to extend this deadline in the future.. As the company recently stated, at this point it doesn’t make any financial sense for them to restrict access to the series on their consoles.

The company argues that intends to treat games in the FPS franchise the same way it does the Minecraft series today. This means that all games added will be cross-platform and available simultaneously on Xbox, PC, and platforms maintained by Sony and Nintendo.

Despite the accusations, The owner of PlayStation remains irreducible and willing to do everything possible to block the purchase of Activision Blizzard. Already approved in countries like Brazil, the merger of the companies is still awaiting a verdict from the European Commission, the British CMA and the United States FTC to be finalized.

Microsoft promises to announce new Call of Duty-related deals in the coming weeks
The company is working hard to convince regulators that it doesn’t want the series to remain exclusive.

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