Morbius is the next character to debut in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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Credits: Firaxis/Reproduction

2K and developer Firaxis have announced the arrival of ‘The Hunger’ DLC for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The DLC includes the new character Morbius, the vampire who is one of the villains of the Spider-Man universe.

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According to the DLC description, the Dr. Michael Morbius must join forces with Midnight Suns to combat a vampire menace plaguing New York City.

See Downloadable Content Description: The Hunger

  • “Morbius must join forces with other heroes to combat a vampiric threat plaguing New York City in a series of new story missions. Completing these missions will bring you one level closer to unlocking a bonus mission exclusive to those who own and complete Additional DLC missions included in Marvel’s Midnight Suns Season Pass.”
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Morbius will have to deal with the Hydra, who began injecting undead DNA into his soldiers, to create an invincible squad of Super Soldiers. Along with Morbius, Blade and Ghost Rider will be your main allies to combat the new threat.

DLC requires full game to enjoy

Last month it was Venom’s turn to appear in the game. Since its release in December 2022, Firaxis and 2K have added new characters to the game, which combines elements of XCOM strategy with card deck building.

Among the characters included were Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Venom, and now Morbius. You can purchase the DLC below on the platforms the game is available on:

  • PlayStation Store – R$79.90
  • Steam Store – BRL 79.90
  • Xbox Store – BRL 79.90

We emphasize that a The version of the game has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, but there is no release date yet.. Also, in order to access the DLC and enjoy all the new content, you must have the base game on the desired platform.

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