Lifetime Xbox Game Pass? No, thank you. Gamer refuses subscription due to taxes

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An Xbox gamer declined an offer of a lifetime subscription to Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass lifetime memberships are given away periodically as part of the Microsoft Rewards program. These are points that can be earned by using various Microsoft products: games, add-ons, all purchases for Xbox or PC through the Microsoft Store count towards obtaining them, as well as searches on Bing or playing on consoles.

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Xbox Game Pass, the player’s refusal –

However, a person who was recently offered a lifetime Xbox Game Pass membership politely declined. The subscription would be valid for 40 years, worth $8,200. In some countries, such as the United States, prize winnings are taxed, which means that the winner must pay tax on the total prize amount. The player explained his reasoning on Reddit, and how the offer would see him pay money out of pocket for the next ten years.

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The calculation –

The winner would have had to pay back almost a quarter of the total winnings in taxes, all in 2023. This is because 2023 is the year the winnings would have been recorded, even if the reward had been redeemed 40 years from now. . The amount in question would have been $2,000 in taxes, or the total value of a ten-year Xbox Game Pass subscription. And while the player would have had to pay the tax right away, he wouldn’t have had the guarantee that the service would take that long either. All of these considerations led the winner to determine that it would not have been worth redeeming the prize, which was perhaps the first time since the Redmond company established the rewards program that it was rejected.

Written by Georgina Young for GLHF

Source: Gazzetta It

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