The final version of Diablo IV will weaken the Necromancer, but it will make life easier for the druids

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Credits: Disclosure/Blizzard

Blizzard published last Friday (14) an update on its official blog detailing some of the changes it will make in the final version of Diablo IV. According to the company, the game will undergo several changes in the balance of its characters, resulting in nerfs to classes like the Necromancerwhile druids should become more useful.

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According to the developer, necromancers were the most used class in the game’s Beta, which can be explained by their exaggerated power. In the version coming to stores, characters will have companions with reduced health, requiring players to be more active in order to keep their skeleton army on their feet.

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In compensation, Druids will become more useful, gain teammates with increased damage, and Ultimates with reduced cooldowns.. Blizzard also promises improvements to the Rend and Pulverize abilities, as well as reverting the character to human form when using a power that doesn’t involve transformations.

All classes in the game will be adjusted.

The developer will also improve the characteristics of the Barbarian, who will gain a Permanent 10% reduction in damage taken. Renegade will gain improved bonuses to her Subterfuge abilities, her passive abilities, and a decrease in the cooldown of her imbued resources.

The Magician will see the power of the Chain of Lightning diminished, but, in compensation, she being able to use his incineration powers more often and get upgrades for your meteor enchantments and abilities. Blizzard also promises that elite enemies will be more susceptible to effects like freezes and that all classes have been reviewed to ensure that they will be able to respond to the powers that limit their movements.

In the same blog post, the developer explained the steps it took to make Diablo IV’s mazes and dungeons less repetitive. In addition to reviewing objective sequences, will increase the frequency of special events to ensure that each adventure is totally unique.

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Source: Kotaku, Blizzard

Source: Adren Aline

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