Color Pals – Speedrun Review

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We’ve explored the dazzling worlds of Color Pals to create a Speedrun review of this puzzle game. The new title from eastasiasoft and Double Mizzlee offers incredibly classic mechanics to the genre, but with some interesting variations on the theme. Discover with us how fun colors can be.

Red, yellow, blue, pink, black and more

With the advent of digital stores, as we well know, more and more economic titles have appeared, allowing players to have fun by investing small amounts. In this niche of products, two-dimensional platform games certainly take the lion’s share, with an incredible abundance of works. In the line of illustrious predecessors (such as Awesome Pea, also from Eastasiasoft), the team at Double Mizzlee offers Color Pals to fans.

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The plot does not exist, just like any real gameplay. Players face a total of 50 levels of increasing difficulty in which they can jump from platform to platform while avoiding a series of obstacles. The goal in each level is to get from point A to point B, avoid dying and perhaps collect the three stars present in each scheme.

It goes without saying that there are no checkpoints or other devices to save yourself from death in the small condensed patterns on the screen. In fact, a mistake forces you to start over from the beginning and overcome all obstacles perfectly. The most classic platform game, then, just as classic is the try-and-error mechanics that are typical of these products. However, where Color Pals tries to distance itself from other exponents of the genre is when it comes to colors.

Does it match?

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As noted, the gameplay of Color Pals is extremely simple. The analog stick is dedicated to the movement, a key to the jump (strictly single and not double). End of broadcasts, that’s all it takes to digest to tackle all levels of the game. All or almost all, in reality, because once the initial schemes are overcome, the “color factor” takes over.

In fact, the game’s protagonist can only stop on platforms of his own color, under penalty of instant death. For this there are lightning that change our color, making it possible to change the area and move on. Some blocks will then need to be unlocked with keys, adding a tactical element that forces you to meditate on the moves.

Nothing exceptional, mind you, much less innovative: Color Pals is in fact not a product that platform enthusiasts come to dream of, also thanks to wooden and imprecise commands (a crime, given the game genre).

Little to report also in terms of graphics, with a style reminiscent of a mobile game, and in terms of the soundtrack. Finally, the longevity is discreet, without exaggerating. With the five euros invested you can have fun for about an hour, maybe a little more if you want to get three stars in every scheme.

Color Pals Platinum

The best part of Color Pals is definitely the trophy list. Platinum can be unlocked by spending half an hour of your free time and beating the first 32 levels on the list. Curious choice: the team has no trophies associated with the bonus stars, so you can completely ignore them and just focus on passing the levels. If you’re looking for a quick and easy Platinum, you’ve found it.

Source : PlayStation Bit

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