The Creepy Syndrome – Speedrun Review

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The human mind, so complex, strong, but at the same time conditioned and ready to give in, is still the subject of many studies today. There are many experts on the mind and human behavior, including psychologists, psychoanalysts and other figures who still remain a taboo for many.

And it is precisely with a psychoanalytic session that The Creepy Syndrome begins, a very fast-paced horror title from Boomfire Games, which will lead the player to be analyzed in a session that will serve to make him better distinguish reality from nightmare. Or maybe not. Close the door, sit back and relax, can you come to grips with your psychological state or will you remain trapped in your beliefs?

the horror syndrome

The conscience of the player

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The title starts with a psychologist who will invite the player to take a seat and tell him the story that best suits you, and everything will revolve around this figure. However, don’t expect an Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo-style narration, but rather a succession of small adventures. In fact, from a very meager main menu, we’ll be able to select the story we prefer, and find ourselves living and playing it.

The Creepy Syndrome is divided into four chapters, each with a little horror story to discover and set in a different game period. In fact, we’re moving from 1-bit titles, Game Boy, point and click, and so on along a kind of timeline dedicated to the past of video games.

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Besides being a very small horror anthology, it’s fantastic to note how this historical journey is best based on the chosen genre, further immersing the player in the dreamy and analytical thrill to which they will be subjected by the game and by the attending physician. With the lyrics entirely in Italian, it will be even easier to enjoy this little journey.

Pixelated horror

Despite being divided into four chapters, The Creepy Syndrome lasts about an hour and has extremely narrow gameplay. Each story will be quite linear, just follow the on-screen instructions to complete it. The only exception is The Red Button, a story that will be of the point-and-click genre, giving the player more space to think about what to do and allowing them to be more involved.

Accompanied by well-composed pixel art and the classic musical loops symbol of the video games that were there, there won’t be a few moments that leave you gasping for breath. The linearity and brevity of the title as a whole are by no means an objection, but rather they will create a desire to go ahead and find out what the developers have invented to instill fear in the playing public.

After the four chapters, you face the real ending of the game, coupled with the figure of the psychiatrist and the player, which will change depending on the achievement of the different endings from the main stories. It can be good, neutral or bad.

The platinum syndrome

In addition to a very short duration, the Creepy Syndrome will also have a very fast Platinum to achieve. In fact, the game’s list of trophies will only be linked to the completion, with the different endings, of all the stories proposed by the title. As mentioned earlier, including Platinum, everything will be about an hour of play.

Each story has two endings, except The Lord of the Road, which has an additional secret ending. All endings are accessible by simply making a different choice than the other one that will present itself at the end of the story. The straightforwardness of the chapters and the very tight gameplay will have you showing off a new Platinum cup on the bulletin board in no time. Thing!

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