PlayStation is preparing for a big presentation after almost 2 years. you can watch live tonight

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The full PlayStation Showcase last happened in 2021. Since then, Sony has prepared only a smaller State of Play for fans. But that will change soon today at 22:00 it’s our time, when there’s a presentation that lasts more than an hour by estimates so far it’s really worth it. You can watch the entire event live on the official YouTube or Twitch channel.

the main Marvel’s Spider-Man 2there are secrets still surrounding it, which will be released in the fall. But yesterday Insomniac Games said on social networks that it will again be relevant. pure single player. Speculation about cooperation thus falls. We would also like to see something new from the same studio. Marvel’s Wolverine. So far it has only been shown to us in a brief introduction.

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PlayStation Showcase should be next A big step to revive Konami. After Silent Hill, it’s time Metal Gear Solid. Specifically, we have to wait for the announcement remake of the third part. This information came from several sources, and while we’d rather take it from the get-go, we certainly wouldn’t underestimate the chance to play older installments of the series on modern platforms. Speaking of Hideo Kojima’s work, an example Death Stranding 2 wouldn’t he

Several projects from PlayStation Studios teams will be presented. is offering sucker punch productionsBehind them is the successful Ghost of Tsushima. Another speculation is that the continuation of this samurai story is not possible yet, so we wonder what else they have in store for us. we are also waiting yield at least one of the upcoming multiplayer games. In this respect, Factions from the world of The Last of Us is the most likely clue.

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Virtual reality has not been forgotten either. Games for PS VR2 They will have their own sections. We do not dare to guess what exactly can await us here. But we are still looking forward to the Czechoslovak one. Saber beat and this presentation will be a great opportunity to put it up for sale right away. But that’s just our hope for now.

Even in terms of hardware, today’s PlayStation Showcase can be interesting. There has been speculation about it lately. the approaching palm, it’s supposed to work based on cloud gaming. We would rather see a full-fledged successor to the Vita, but we will not outdo ourselves. Likewise, the order of the reported version can be PlayStation 5 with removable drive. There is also speculation about a stronger version, but we do not give much credit to these speculations.

Source: Doupe

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