Researchers have created an AI character that can play Minecraft as a human

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Imagine a gaming partner who not only learns with you, but also enhances your gaming experience by constantly exploring, acquiring new skills and making unparalleled discoveries in the gaming world. This is no longer a dream thanks to the arrival of Voyager, Minecraft’s first “agent” powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and embodying the concept of continuous learning.

Based on advanced AI research, Voyager takes gaming to the next level by leveraging the power of large language models like GPT-4. This is a unique agent that not only improves its skills over time, but also shares its discoveries with the player.

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Unlike traditional AI agents, Voyager isn’t limited to scripted directions or predetermined paths. He embarks on an endless journey of discovery, constantly improving his skills and discovering new aspects of the Minecraft world. Aiming to “discover as many different things as possible”, Voyager uses an automated learning program to guide its research, creating a dynamic and unpredictable gaming experience.

One of Voyager’s most exciting features is its unique skill library. This is where Voyager stores the complex behavior patterns it learned during its research. This is a kind of personal diary of Voyager’s Minecraft journey, full of useful techniques and strategies. When Voyager faces a new challenge, it turns to this library to find the right skills, sometimes combining simple programs to solve complex problems.

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In addition to the auto-learning program and skill library, Voyager uses an iterative hint mechanism to enhance gameplay. This mechanism allows Voyager to learn from its mistakes and adjust its strategies so that it can continuously improve as a player. It’s like playing with an experienced gamer, always ready to adapt and conquer new challenges.

The results of these unique components working together are impressive. Voyager has demonstrated the amazing ability to unlock 63 unique items in just 160 iterations of hints, cover far more distance than traditional AI agents, and open the Minecraft tech tree over 15 times faster. In addition, he has shown an amazing ability to apply his learned skills to new challenges in the new world of Minecraft, which is a testament to his incredible flexibility and adaptability in the game world.

A look into the future shows that Voyager’s success does not only offer broad prospects in Minecraft. Game developers can implement these AI characters in their games, changing the way we play games and interact with virtual worlds. Imagine joining forces with an AI character who learns and develops alongside you in an open world RPG, or an AI trainer who helps you sharpen your strategies in a competitive game like a LoL or CS personal trainer.

But the possibilities of technology like Voyager aren’t limited to games. Similar AI systems can be used in virtual realities for training and education, providing users with a responsive and adaptive learning experience. They can also be used in entertainment applications, such as creating dynamic and interactive virtual characters in movies or TV shows.

The arrival of Voyager opens a new era in the combination of AI and games. As this unique AI character continues to learn and evolve in the world of Minecraft, who knows what exciting discoveries and innovations lie ahead?

You can read the entire study via this link.

Source : Shazoo

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