ESL wittily parodied Valve in a joke trailer for Counter-Strike 2

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Two months have passed since the official announcement of the online shooter Counter-Strike 2. After the release of an overview note and three videos with significant changes, the developers are in no hurry to share new details of the game. Valve’s esports partners volunteered to provide media support for the sequel.

    Image Source: ESL
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Image Source: ESL

A video about Counter-Strike 2 has appeared on the official channel of the international eSports organization ESL, allegedly dedicated to innovations in the shooter. The cover art, the announcer’s voice, the lyric description, and even the first few seconds of the video created a pretty serious atmosphere.

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An unprepared viewer might even think that ESL is really going to tell something new about the next generation online shooter. But it soon becomes clear that the latest “innovation” video is just an innocent attempt to make fun of Valve’s promotional methods.

In an effort to copy the style of Valve’s commercials, the ESL content creators spewed a stream of handpicked jokes about the new engine’s potential: invisibility camouflage for campers, reinforcements by car, destructible walls, cannons from Team Fortress 2 and much more.

In the attached comment below the video, ESL ironically: “Haters Say It’s Fake”. But the redesigned poster at the end of the video acts as a clear clue to the most boring and gullible. participation, “it’s all a joke, nevermind”.

In the comments under the video, users appreciated ESL’s efforts and even threw in their ideas for new mechanics for Counter-Strike 2. Someone suggested adding side quests, and someone urgently needs a radio station in the game.

The release of Counter-Strike 2 is scheduled for the summer of 2023, the closed beta test of the shooter began in March.

Source : 3D News

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