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Ea Sports Fc Free: Breakthrough Close?


The announcement came in May 2022. The lack of agreement between Electronic art and FIFA, conceived as a federation, has cast shadows on the future of football’s most beloved title by players from all over the world. A journey that started in 1993 with FIFA ’94 and which will end in the coming months. Electronic Arts, however, looks to the future with confidence. Recently, the publisher has already launched EA Sports FC, a title that will keep the most famous modes such as Ultimate Team. FIFA, on the other hand, blamed for the blow, has planned a new video game for 2025 that should pass under 2K Games, according to rumors.

The reassurances for Ea Sports FC

However, longtime fans fear repercussions on the new EA Sports FC. At the center of the discussion is rights and licensing, the real strong point of the first FIFA and beyond. For example, David Jackson recently tried to reassure fans who were worried about the upcoming changes. “Everything players love about Fifa – in the words of EA’s Vice President – ​​will remain. The authenticity of beyond 19,000 athletes, 700 teams and 30 leagues is essential”. Read on on EsportsMag to find out if the video game will be free.


Source : Corriere Dello Sport

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