Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, how to repair Jonsau Shrine

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The best shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom take full advantage of the game’s incredible physics. While there are plenty of sanctuaries that focus on puzzles or combat challenges, those learning new things about how the game works are always a delight.

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Jonsau Shrine is one of them, located east of Guard Keep on the road to Zora Village. It’s an interesting shrine that uses Ultrahand to learn how hovering works in the game, and it’s a lot of fun. This guide tells you everything you need to know to solve the Jonsau Shrine.

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Jonsau Joinery Solution | Zelda TOTK —

When entering the Jonsau Shrine you will see a large knob on the roof and a sphere floating in the water below.

The solution may not be immediately obvious, but it’s a lot of fun. Pick up the ball with Ultrahand and then move it well below the water level (literally: in the water), directly below the button.

Press B to disable Ultrahand and the ball pops out of the water by pressing the button and opening the gate on the right.

Zelda Jonsau

Go through the gate and around the corner where you will find a Zonau construction to fight. It’s not hard to beat, but it’s annoying because it has a shield.

Zelda Jonsau

After defeating the construction, return to the room with the orb and collect it with the Ultrahand. Bring her around the corner again and go into the next room.

Zelda Jonsau

Again use Ultra Hand to place the ball under the water under the button, then release it to hit the button.

Collect the floating panel in the water before going through the gate and place it in the next room under the platform above.

Step onto the floating panel and use Ascensus to reach the top of the platform. Go to the target and get your reward.

Written by Oliver Brandt for GLHF

Source: Gazzetta It

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