Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, where you can find the village of Finterra

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Once a sleepy farming village in Breath of the Wild, Finterra Village has turned into a bustling fashion hub in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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There is a lot to see and do in this city, including an entire election mission to choose a new mayor, a variety of small missions, and some valuable clothing and accessories that will greatly aid your adventure in Hyrule.

Finterra Village is also home to the Rovely Research Center, which you can visit to upgrade Pruna’s tablet and unlock new items and abilities. There is also an NPC here that can restore unique items that have been broken or lost, such as the Shield of Hylia and clothing items.

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This guide tells you everything you need to know about the location of Finterra Village and the best way to get there. For more Zelda guides and tips, including an explanation of all the Zonau gadgets, be sure to read our full Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guide.

Location Finterra Village | Zelda TOTK —

Finterra Village is located in the extreme southeast of Hyrule, at the foot of Mount Lanayru. There are several ways to get to Finterra depending on which route you want to take, but from your above-ground starting point, Forte di Guardia, it’s quite a walk.

Travel southeast from Fort Guardia, aiming for West Necluda’s main waypoint, the Sahasrah China Tower. It should be easy to spot once you’re a little way from Forte di Guardia, as long as you’re facing southeast.

Immediately east of the China Sahasrah Tower is the village of Calbarico, a convenient place to get to and filled with quests. It’s not the village we’re looking for right now, though, so keep heading south where you might want to reach the eastern Necluda waypoint, Labella Swamp Tower. It’s not strictly necessary, but it’s much easier to navigate from here to Finterra.

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From Torre della Palude Labella, head northeast, across the Laluccio Plateau and the forests of Midel and Vipello. From there, the entrance to the village of Finterra is to the east and you have access to all that the town has to offer. For those who want to know the exact coordinates, the entrance portal of the village of Finterra is located at the following coordinates: 3279, -2141, 0101.

Written by Oliver Brandt for GLHF

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