Some fans thought that the developers of Revenant Hill stole the design of the cat from Night in the Woods

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The Glory Society announced this last week Revenant hill – an adventure game about a cat who has life’s problems. The design of the pet turned out to be very similar to that of the Night In The Woods game’s protagonist, so vigilant fans flooded developer Scott Benson with reports that someone had stolen his work.

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But no one stole anything, as The Glory Society studio was just founded by two former Night In The Woods developers, one of whom was Scott himself (and the third developer was named Alec Holovka, but he was successfully fired by his colleagues first from the studio, and then from life):

Several people have warned me that the game just announced features a cat that looks suspiciously like the one I was going to draw. I would like to say to all vigilant heroes, “Thanks for the information, you can be free.”

Revenant hill Coming 2024 for PS4, PS5 and PC. The game takes place in 1919 and players take on the role of Twigs the cat who tries to befriend a witch.

Source : Shazoo

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