Diablo IV Unlock Time: When they open online servers

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Diablo IV is one of the most anticipated games of recent years, despite competition from titles such as the recent The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. With the launch slated for late this week and early next week, the wait is finally over. Below you will find the dates and times when the game will be released digitally and the opening of the online servers, without which it will not be possible to start playing.

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Open time servers | Diablo IV —

The release of Diablo IV will be spread over two dates. The first is the one on June 2nd, which is guaranteed only to those who purchase the Ultimate Edition that allows you to grab Early Access. The release times of this version and the resulting opening of the servers are set for Friday, June 2 at 01:00 AM. This way you can play almost all day with the Ultimate Edition and be way ahead of the Standard Edition players. The latter will even have to be patient for another four days.

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The Standard Edition —

Without the Ultimate Edition early access, Diablo IV’s release date is normally set for Tuesday, June 6. As for the early access, also in this case the release time and the opening of the online servers is set at 01:00 AM on June 6th. So if it is true that you have a whole weekend less than owners of the Ultimate, there is still the possibility to start playing practically at night and perhaps before the right rest, which will lead to a day’s work. We know, a whole weekend is a lot, we’re just trying to comfort you. Did we succeed?

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