F1 23, Braking point 2 tested: behind the scenes of Formula 1

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After a year of sabbatical, Braking Point 2 is ready to return us to the driver’s suit of Aiden Jackson, a rising star of Formula 1 who often finds himself in trouble because of a world – that of motorsport – that is far too ambitious and competitive .

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The story mode returns in F1 23 which presents it as one of the big news along with the F1 World hub, the new circuits in Qatar and in Las Vegas, the red flags, the 35% option for the duration of the races, and more that we covered in our first go (and we’ll dive into a full review soon).

The story so far

Braking Point 2 begins with a recap of the story lived so far, positioning itself as a direct continuation of that story, introducing both old familiar faces (Akkermann, now mostly transformed into a mentor to Jackson) and characters never before seen. seen , like the team boss from the good heart of Konnersport Racing Team.

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New stable, old rivalry though with Devon Butler reappearing as our starlet’s main adversary. Also this year, Butler shows a somewhat childish and unmotivated wickedness, which characterizes him as a villain, almost like a children’s cartoon, but the plot of the sponsor’s father – even brave, if we consider that Formula 1 has lived similar scenarios and still alive – might reserve some surprises.

F1 23 takes us behind the scenes

F1 23 sinks its teeth into a storytelling à la Drive to Survive, in the aftermath of the experiment conducted with Grid Legends: the story mixes scenes in computer graphics, phone calls and social networks with interviews with the drivers – Butler, from what we have since seen — and to executives backstage, slavishly replicating Netflix’s successful format.

Controller in hand, the managerial hints, while haggard, are more accentuated, with choices to be made in the team boss role, often to fix Butler’s mess. These choices have consequences, and decisions can have an impact on team morale, at least formally.

f1 23 braking point 2

Between the emails and the news, interesting trivia creates a parallel between the game and reality, with an incursion into the real facts of sport up to 2022: amusingly, for example, the focus on the sons of billionaires in Formula 1, where the most strike of the Strolls, or on the quarrelsome stable mates.

On track

The demo we tried gave us access to the first three chapters of Braking Point 2, set in the 2022 Formula 1 season and on the circuits of Miami, Montreal and Hungary. Normally you would like to race brand new cars, but we admit it warmed our hearts to see Ricciardo and Vettel on track.

The mode has three difficulty levels, and while it’s only being introduced as an expert option, if you’re familiar with racing games, we’d highly recommend the latter – the first two are too easy, where the opponents get caught up and jump like skittles. The scenario structure requires us to achieve a sine qua non goal, and a bonus goal (such as getting into the top 10) that gives additional performance points to the car. Reputation points are awarded not only based on placement, but also as a reward for correct “racing etiquette” when we are not playing bumper cars.

f1 23

These bonuses can even be obtained during interviews, where the ‘correct’ answers are specially marked with an icon. How concrete these upgrades will be – as well as the aforementioned impact on the morale of the team principal’s decisions – remains to be seen once we get to play the full game.

Braking point 2, the verdict (provisional)

The launch of F1 23, scheduled for June 16 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, is now almost there, and Braking Point 2 certainly prefigures itself as some of the most interesting content of the new edition. The deal is with our review to understand whether Codemasters’ narrative and playful ambitions will live up to the premises of the first three chapters.

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