Three new maps for the end of July, a replay feature and balance changes – Relic’s plans for Company of Heroes 3 development

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Relic Entertainment shares development plans Hero company 3 for the coming months and beyond. The developers have announced two major content patches that will be released in June and July.

The Brass Leopard update, due out on June 6, adds a 3v3 cooperative map to the strategy, the display of player nicknames in a multiplayer game, sound improvements, modding tools, and more.

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July update Emerald Bear (no date yet) will add to Hero Company 3 two PvP maps – one in 4v4 format, the other in 3v3 format. The patch will also make balance changes, add player profiles, improve the Italian campaign and more.

Also in the plans:

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  • Custom Maps

  • Replay function

  • Balance updates

  • Vote for submission of the game

  • New content, including multiplayer maps

Hero Company 3 available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Source : Shazoo

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