F1 23, the new update reintroduces Daniel Ricciardo: here is the date

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Good news for Formula 1 enthusiasts delighted by the return, perhaps unexpectedly competitive given the long hiatus, of Daniel Ricciardo to the big circus. In fact, the Australian will return very soon in F1 23, the official video game signed by Codemasters and EA Sports. He broke the news himself with a beautiful video shared by the game’s social networks today.

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Ricciardo’s movie —

“F1 23, what do you have for me?” says Ricciardo in his quintessentially Australian accent, as he settles into a luxury racing seat, complete with a Fanatec direct-drive steering wheel connected to the game. Wandering through the main menu, Daniel then clearly chose an Alpha Tauri and his character, who was greeted with a typical laugh. Finally, citing the house’s infamous motto, he concluded with an “EA Sports, I’m back in the game,” and an amused round of applause at the end of the clip.

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F1 23, the update arrives —

Aside from the fun social content – more to come soon, EA Sports explains – the news is that Daniel Ricciardo will officially return to F1 23 on August 29, when an update will replace poor De Vries, stranded as known by the Red Stier family mid season. F1 Manager 2023 had already thought about it before he even left, but in that case the replacement was easier: the manager’s database already included Ricciardo as the third driver and as such he could be hired by the players at any time during the season. In this case, Codemasters had to work on a brand new model (maliciously, you might think of a restoration of the edition from two years ago…) and all-new attributes for the driver, who will be able to… return to the game in a week.

Source: Gazzetta It

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