Like a Dragon Tried Gaiden: Kiry’s Return – oops, Joryu

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There was once a time when Like A Dragon spin-offs – or Yakuza, as the series was known – were seen as lesser games. Die-hard fans of the series still appreciated titles like Dead Souls, but they were certainly not the games to recommend to a newcomer to the series. However, this year’s remake, Like A Dragon: Ishin!, proved that modern spin-offs can be of equal quality to the main series, and can include all the absurd battles and compelling side stories that made fans fall in love with series enthusiasts. saga. Ishin’s popularity has lifted the spirits of fans and anticipation for the game with the impossible name – let’s try: Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name – is now sky high.

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At Gamescom we had the chance to try Like A Dragon Gaiden for just 15 minutes and, apart from the very limited number of seats, we were limited to a small area with only a boutique where you could change Kiryu’s appearance – sorry: Joryu – and a coliseum.

This area is the castle and it will be much richer when the full game launches. We could see a casino, karaoke and more, but access to these mini-games was blocked in our demo. It should also be said that the title is set in the metropolises of Osaka and Yokohama, but we have not had the chance to see them.

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The new battles –

We were immediately thrown into the fray and we’d even go so far as to say it feels like the best the series has ever had. Even if we don’t have bears and tigers like in Ishin, we will be able to enjoy many nice additions: in Gaiden, Joryu is a secret agent and that is reflected in the fights.

There are four new gadgets that we can use and that can be used together with other combos in battles.

Spider lets you lasso enemies and launch them like Spider-Man, Hornet lets drones fly at your opponents, Firefly drops a time bomb in battle, and our favorite, Snake, gives you shoes that look like rocket skates with sparks that cause damage , like Metal Sonic or Bayonetta’s chainsaw shoes.

Strange as always –

Entering the boutique, we were reassured that the customization options are wilder than ever: Onomichi-kun’s head is back and those who want can dress up completely as a catboy or as Majima – Gaiden will certainly retain some of that charm from the series that fans have loved from the very beginning.

This is another aspect of our secret agent gimmick: Kiryu can dress up as part of the gameplay, and these other outfits, while hilarious, will help us move around without being discovered. The Colosseum is more or less as you would expect: there are rounds with smaller waves of enemies or the familiar one-on-100 battles where bosses are present at certain landmarks.

At first glance, the difficulty seems to have increased thanks to the new combat options, although this impression may be due to the fact that with the new gameplay style we did not have enough time to complete the encounter on the first try. The combat also features similar styles to its various predecessors, and while we only saw the strong and agile styles, the final product may have more as well.

Like A Dragon Gaiden, the verdict (preliminary) –

We only had a small taste of Like A Dragon Gaiden, but the heart of the game seemed as solid as ever: technically it’s already very fluid and the combat is smoother than ever.

Like a dragon Gaiden

The story will clearly be the most important aspect, and we can’t give an opinion on it yet, but if it holds up, we could be looking at the best Like A Dragon yet.

Written by Georgina Young for GLHF

Source: Gazzetta It

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