G2 Esports (again) European Champion of League of Legends

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League of Legends Europe retells the victory of G2 Esports, who reached their trophy number twelve with the triumph of the Lec Finals. A 3-1 win against Fnatic who had real tools to counter the opponent’s excessive power.

The best team

For G2 Esports it was the culmination of a season that was always played as protagonists. The only team to reach the Top 4 in all three splits, wins in winter and summer: G2 was undoubtedly the best team of the season. Winning the first Lec Finals in League of Legends history, with the new format introduced in 2023, marks another milestone on the organization’s board.

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The French public

There was a special flavor at the time to do it live, with an audience like the one in Montpellier. An audience that is the result of years of work by the French community, which is now in fact one of the most populous and most loyal on the entire European stage. Winning at home for a player like Hans Sama, the French bot laner from G2 Esports, was an experience that would be difficult to repeat. And next year we will go to Munich instead, as announced by the organizers of the Lec.

The key to the match

What led G2 to victory was the huge difference in draft, or in the choice of champions to use in the game. A difference that stems both from a better prepared technical staff, but especially from the large champion pool of players. G2 features five players who can play everything and multiple styles, making it easier for the team to adapt to its opponents.

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Phnatic satisfaction

Different story for Fnatic though. They didn’t play badly, but they didn’t really have the resources to counter G2 as they were too blocked by their limited champion pools. Fnatic’s, despite the defeat, still remains an extraordinary journey for a team that had started the season in the worst way with a ninth place in the winter and an eighth in the spring. That they managed to reach the final, and especially that they qualified for the 2023 World Cup in South Korea, shows how much they have grown competitively, especially after the arrival of Noah and Trymbi in Botlane.


Source : Corriere Dello Sport

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