PS5, the new update 8.00 is available: here’s what changes

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Sony has published the new update 8.00 – official name: 23.02- – for PS5 and, unlike the last updates, it is a very substantial version. The update, which launched in beta form in some regions (not Italy) in August, introduces accessibility options and improvements to the technology side of the console. So let’s see what it is.

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PS5 update 8.00: all the news –

With the PS5 Update 8.00, you can now assign a second controller to an account as an auxiliary controller and use two controllers to control the PS5 console as if you were using one controller. Haptic feedback can now also be used in the menus, while Dolby Atmos is finally supported (already “heard” since launch on the Xbox Series. You can now preview the share screen in a party, respond with emojis to messages from friends and search for games in your library.

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Larger SSDs —

One of the most curious aspects we find is the possibility of deactivating the acoustic signal that is heard when the PS5 starts up, while on the technical side there is support for M.2 SSDs with larger capacities: the previous limit was 4TB, now increased to 8TB . But there are plenty of new features and you can find them all in this PlayStation Blog post, with further information on where to find them within the console dashboard, and the same goes for the PlayStation app on Android and iOS, for which it has been further tweaked and PS Remote Play, available for more devices ahead of the launch of PlayStation Portal.

Source: Gazzetta It

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