How did Only The Best go?

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Hosting the three-day Only The Best fighting games event, where there was €5,000 to be won, was Hotel Ramada in Naples, again under the patronage of the Municipality of Naples. The operations are always led by Fabrizio “Bode” Tavassi and Simone “Magistrix” Balbi, key figures on the competitive stage. This year, Only The Best was also the scene of a stage of the Tekken World Tour, with the special feature that this time players from Japan and Korea were also present for the first time.

Italy at the top

We are talking about players like LowHigh, Chikurin and Cbm who managed to reach the Top 8 of the tournament. Or even Shadow and Pinya, from North America and Japan respectively, who arrived to consolidate their position in the global rankings of the Tekken World Tour. However, none of them managed to win: the trophy was raised to heaven by the Italian. Daniel Madonia “DanielMado”, official representative of the Italian Taekwondo Federation. A victory that we told you about here a few days ago.

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Tekken and his friends

In addition to the stage of the Tekken World Tour, on Only The Best, now in its fifth edition, the protagonists were Street Fighter 6, with the victory of the Polish ShadyImpostor, and Guilty Gear Strive, where the Italian Jetstream won. Finally, the side event dedicated to Street Fighter Third Strike was played on the cabinets produced by G-Arcade where Gillstolemyride won, followed by WaveKid.

A meeting between communities

The success of the event, which attracted a large audience and a busy scoreboard, was also determined by the personnel from different countries. “This was a very specific choice on our part. The goal is to be able to communicate with all communities. In particular, we would like to thank “TeamAggy”, of which I am part Fabrizio, and the Turin staff of “GamesParadiseEsports”, plus other exceptional contributors such as Daniele “Hakkai” Salinetti and Michele “Mikee” Saulle, and the very important contribution of the Spaghetti Showdown Community led by Davide “Dannolo” Schmidt”.

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We are already thinking about 2024

Also worth highlighting is the collaboration with the new Lan Gamever venue in Naples, present with a stand to refresh participants with water, coffee and energy drinks. For next year, however, the aim is to raise the bar even higher, especially at the competitive level: “Our ambition is to become a Master stage of the Tekken World Tour. We are ready to apply and we will do everything we can We are also launching our candidacy for the stages of the Capcom Pro Tour 2024 and for the ArcRevo of Guilty Gear Strive. In short: we are ready to make the 2024 edition even more unforgettable.”


Source : Corriere Dello Sport

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