A Starfield player has an unexpected satellite: a small asteroid

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An unexpected and surprisingly cute bug has appeared in the world of Bethesda games in the form of a small asteroid floating next to some players’ ships in Starfield. This is literally a pet rock that unfortunately cannot be petted.

Reddit user ReverendRoo shared this fun find on the game’s subreddit.

Probably the strangest experience with Bethesda bugs: I now have a small asteroid following me for 30 hours. Even after the loading screens, as you can see, he really became my companion.

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ReverendRoo isn’t the only asteroid parent in space. Another commenter said he’s being followed by a whole herd of rocks:

When I was mining asteroids there were about 8 or 9 different sizes. Even when I landed on planets, they were close and hovering around my ship.


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It appears that an insect is causing asteroids to fall into the orbit of the player’s ship. So if you want a family of rocks to orbit yours, destroying asteroids can trigger this bug.

It is not clear how these asteroids affect battles in space. Will a personal asteroid belt block damage? Is it possible to ram these stones into enemy ships? All this is definitely worth discovering. Meanwhile, other gamers found humor in the bug: “I just had a baby, now I’m a grandfather” and “this is just your personal FBI agent following you around in the game.”

Source : Shazoo

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