Unity wanted developers to pay for every installation of their games. However, after intense criticism, they quickly changed their plans

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Among the game engines that development teams use to create their games, the most popular right now is Epic Games’ Unreal. In addition, the popularity of the Unity engine, which is especially popular among independent creators, is still not decreasing. Last week, the company behind the development came out with a monetization change. It will not be surprising that prices are increasing these days. But under the new rules, Unity charged 20 cents every time it loaded a game built into its engine.

The terms and details of the new fees were initially quite vague. Whatever Unity actually meant by them, a group of developers who built their games on the engine resisted. Czech creators also commented negatively on the whole situation; for example Eva Navrátilová From Attu Games where the very nice looking Scarlet Deer Inn is currently being developed in Unity or Jan Kavan From CBE Software, creators of Someday You’ll Return. But in the end, everything will be a little different. unity today on social networks issued an apology statement. Concrete regulations regarding the planned changes are expected to be heard in the next few days.

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It’s too early to celebrate. Ultimately, we still don’t know how the original plans will change and which of them will finally come into force in the coming months. But it’s a bad calling card that will definitely leave a mark on Unity. Some developers have made it clear that they will continue to build their games on other engines no matter what.

It should also be noted that Unity’s CEO is John Riccitiello, who is currently synonymous with gluttony in the eyes of many creators. Last year, for example, he had to apologize for calling developers who make games with no regard for making money “fucking idiots.” He was also at the helm of EA when loot boxes started popping up in sports games. He then unexpectedly came up with the idea that in Battlefield-type shooters the player could pay for each magazine. Therefore, we hope that we will not see this situation in practice, just like we mentioned.

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Source: Doupe

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