News from Nintendo. Princess Peach in her own game, remakes of old classics and the return of F-Zero racing

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There may be plenty of speculation about a new console everywhere, but Nintendo won’t just say goodbye to the Switch. The exact opposite. They have prepared another presentation from their Direkt series, which shows a number of interesting upcoming innovations. If you are a member of the NSO subscription, you can already play one of them for free. F-Zero races, which started in Nintendo’s first generations, are returning. Here’s how you can find them on Switch:
F-Zero 99 is where you will compete with 98 other players in the style of battle royale games.

Fans were a little upset about the lack of a completely new episode. However, the criticisms soon ended completely when it was realized that F-Zero worked very well in this form. Other well-known names are also reporting returns. Already in our previous presence, we saw the announcement of a complete remake of Super Mario RPG from the SNES. Coming to Switch 17 November.

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The newly introduced return to Mario vs. Donkey Kong. This puzzle platformer was first released on the Game Boy Advance in 2004, and we will be playing the full version of it. 16 February. If you think these returns are not enough, you can also add the previously announced Luigi’s Mansion 2. will be released in the summer.

In the previous Direct, Nintendo also announced a game in which Princess Peach will play the main role. We now know it will be called Princess Peach Showtime and we also know it has a release date. March 22. After being invited to the theatre, all the performances go wrong and the princess has to put everything back together. She has Stella, the local guard, who gives Peach her ribbon so she can defend herself against the local traps. However, sometimes even this is not enough, you can wear different costumes during the shows. The demo features, for example, detective Peach, a swordsman or a candy maker.

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Thought we were done with new versions of old games? The exact opposite. Finally, as a surprise, came the announcement of the remake of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which is among the highest-rated games in the series. A brand not directly owned by Nintendo is also reporting a comeback. As part of the presentation, there was the announcement of the Tomb Raider I-III Remastered collection, which are improved versions of the first three games starring Lara Croft and will allow you to play them with better graphics. You can also switch to the original view.


Detective Pikachu, whose new case is about to begin, intervenes with a little reminder.
6 October. Likewise, there’s also a brief preview of WarioWare: Move It!, a new set of movement mini-games you can play. November 3. We already have a brand here from third-party studios, and there are many more that deserve your attention. Whether it’s the fast-paced rhythm game of Trombone Champ or the excellent indie respite game Dave the Diver, if you enjoy playing on Switch you should definitely check them out in the store.

We also have a few treats here for fans of the League of Legends world. We’re still waiting for LoL: Wild Rift to release, but since then November 1 In Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story we will be able to play out a fairy tale from the frozen Freljord. Next year we will go after legendary yordles. Bandle City: A League of Legends Story should be a completely different genre from other games under the Riot Forge publishing house. The style is most reminiscent of relaxing games like Stardew Valley.

It looks like the Switch is pretty much ending its life cycle. We’re not going to lie, we’re looking forward to Nintendo’s new console, too. But that doesn’t mean we’ll abandon the Switch right away. Especially as developers continue to bring us more and more news.

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